A resident of San Antonio, Texas, Dawn Johnson possesses more than 20 years experience in the financial services and insurance sector. Ms. Johnson began her career in 1987, when she joined the United Services Automobile Association (USAA) as a Marketing Programs Specialist in the Property and Casualty Insurance Group.

In the early days of her tenure at USAA, Dawn Johnson was given the opportunity to work in various line-of-business marketing departments, giving her a solid feel for the enterprise and its various product lines. Ms. Johnson received a promotion in 2001 to President and Chief Executive Officer of USAA Financial Planning Services (FSP). In this role, she accepted the challenge to reestablish the company’s credibility and turn it into a profitable venture in one year. Ms. Johnson succeeded in that goal, rebuilding the organization from the ground up and ultimately reshaping USAA’s brand positioning from being known as an auto insurance company to a comprehensive financial services organization. Dawn Johnson also grew revenues for FPS with the formation of the USAA Financial Advice Center, which offered USAA members free guidance, generating additional referrals as well as sales. In addition, Ms. Johnson developed both free and fee-based advice programs and created Enterprise Partnerships, a team of financial advisors and member services representatives who trained other service representatives. Enterprise Partnerships facilitated 260,000 new product sales in the first year.
In 2003, Dawn Johnson accepted another promotion at USAA, this time to President and Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Services, where she once again was charged with turning the department around to profitability. She also implemented a complete alliance partnership review. Ms. Johnson restructured and eliminated some contracts with partners and provided extended membership benefits to customers beyond the contract termination dates. She also restructured the alliance services organization to improve efficiency and eliminate redundancies. In all, Ms. Johnson effectively positioned the USAA Alliance Services Company for sustained growth.

Ms. Johnson served as President and CEO of Alliance Services until 2007. Beginning in 2004, she concurrently held positions as Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, and remained with the company until 2008.  Dawn Johnson also served as a member of USAA's Executive Council.

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